Anonymous asked: Do you have any other blogs? ((btw love your art x3))

image Aw thankies! But besides my story blogs, no~!

My own rendition of Pewdiepie’s Amnesia characters >u< I miss them hehe~!

My own rendition of Pewdiepie’s Amnesia characters >u< I miss them hehe~!

After commissions I want to do some actual scenes with characters not just sketches pfft (/OuO)/

So a frustrating problem of mine is symmetry in my art and so far it’s been bugging my need to have good anatomy because my faces slop to one side or my eyes are out of place when I flip the image :I

So I thought today, “…what if I drew a square instead?”

and now ye wow it helped me a lot muy buen I dunno how

Tried inking and I wanna do more funky ink lines now~

Also my camera has either the worst quality or my hand is the shakiest thing on the planet sorry for the fuzziness

kimyk0 asked: Your art is really cool! :0 Amazing!

Thank you so much!

I am dapper yes

Mainly focusing on Sohrab’s Rebirth, which is like the most heavily under-constructed story I have right and it sucks I’m sorry everyone so have some doodle dits instead~!

OuO Had these in stash a long time ago and now I’m bringing them back up, they were a test run to see if I can design characters and work off of them through other concept art! These were just to get the feel of the character, the outfits I had to design later pffft

Hadn’t continued this thing but we’ll see when I have the time~!

+ Commission Status! +

Still working on those bad boys, I’m past the halfway point which is good~

I wanted to get them done in February but school kinda sat on meĀ agAIN so I’m just gonna try mah best to get them done quickly! I’m sorry if you guys gotta wait for so long QuQ